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Man in Bathtub

Published Works


Portrait of a Man in a Bathtub, Applied Arts Magazine, vol.29, p.63 - Young Blood Photography 2014

In my work I attempt to choose subjects who fit with the construction of the image I have in my mind. I love to use people who may very likely have a personal connection to the project at hand, which adds to the authenticity of the image itself.  Evoking the performer in my subjects to emerge, whilst maintaining their candor, is a balancing act.  I like seeing subjects comfortably exposed.   I enjoy connecting with my subjects on a personal and equal level, as opposed to adhering to the 'subject-photographer,' relationship divide. 


Rooftop, Applied Arts Magazine, vol.28, p.192, Student Awards 2013

Three of eight images from the series, Child's Play.  The series plays with the boundaries of appropriateness in child photography, and how much of the responsibility lands on the eye of the beholder.  These children may come across as very grown up in one image, while their innocence and immaturity is very present in another.  

Child's Play, Applied Arts Magazine, vol.28, p.194, Student Awards 2013

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