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Let's Work Together and Feel All Right

For me, it's important to forge some kind of working relationship in the initial stages of creating an image with any participant prior to the shooting day. The more we get together the happier we'll be with the outcome of the shoot. I want to get a sense of who I will be photographing. And, I believe the photos come out looking more natural and authentic when the participant can get a feel for me too. We need to let our guard down and engage in working together to achieve the outcome in mind. I want to invite all past and future participants to contact me, let's set up a coffee date. I want to meet you, get to know you a little, hear your ideas and share my own. Photographing your personal or family portrait, or boudoir session, or event, etc. is my art. I live to create and share the ideas and images in my mind, and to be a catalyst for your own personal creative adventure. What's more is that I now have the ability to put the images that we create together directly into your hands once the process is complete.


In the near future I will be moving into a space downtown with my printer (yet to be named) and all my image capturing equipment. I want to be accessible and present, with room to move and grow. I am feeling very blessed to have the friends and supporters that I do, and to live in a community that truly values the personal and creative ventures of fellow Saultites. Thank you!

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